Unique Wedding Ideas on a Budget

ideas for an amazing wedding on a shoestring budget

Unique Wedding Ideas on a Budget - ideas for an amazing wedding on a shoestring budget

Budget Friendly Wedding Ideas

unique wedding ideasYour wedding is supposed to be one of the best days of your life, but how can you plan a wedding that includes a low budget and a unique feel? While you may have heard all the talk about butterfly releases, releasing doves and having a huge reception, many of these wedding ideas can become extremely costly. Budget friendly wedding ideas that are unique and fun can be difficult to come up with but they are out there.

Here are some ideas we’ll talk about here:

You can have an exquisite wedding all of your own at a fraction of the cost if you just take some time to think about your spending and about what you want to do.

Beach Themes

beach weddingThe typical beach wedding is not near as costly as your standard church wedding followed by a reception at a high end restaurant. There are many private beach options to choose from that either will not cost you a thing or which are very affordable. Because the beach is mostly not private, you can expect to secure a place in the sand to take your vows for little or no money at all.

The money that you will save on a venue can then easily be trickled into other important aspects of the wedding such as the food, the reception or, most importantly, your honeymoon! Beach wedding themes are also an affordable choice because you can go a little easier on food and drinks offering a more informal atmosphere that is inviting to your crowd.

Think casual wear instead of tuxedos, you’ll save on rental fees.

Seashell party favors can be made for nearly no cost if you spend a day or two at the beach before the wedding picking up your favorite shells while you take a stroll with your cherished one along the sand. You can even make centerpieces and table arrangements using seashells and sand – two items that are completely free at the beach.

The typical wedding dress can cost thousands of dollars. At the beach, you may find it more comfortable and fun to wear a simple gown that doesn’t have all the thrills and frills. Casual dress also means that you won’t need to change when you leave the wedding and head off for your honeymoon which means you only need one outfit for the day and not two!

Park Weddings

Depending on where you live, you can have a unique wedding on a budget – perhaps right in your own backyard? Many brides choose to have an outside wedding – regardless of their budget!

Many states have their own state or local parks that have beautiful backdrops of flora and fauna which make for the ideal wedding location. Instead of having to pay for floral arrangements and extra flowers for the wedding area and reception area, consider having a wedding at a venue that already has all of the beauty of the outdoors in place for you.

Barn weddings are a fantastic idea for a charming outdoor wedding with a rustic touch.

Wedding DucksIf your wedding will take place in an area where there is water, instead of releasing doves or butterflies which can both be costly to the overall wedding expense, consider rubber ducky toys.

These small toys can be purchased very inexpensively at a local toy store or online and can be released in a pond or stream instead of real live animals. You could even have each of your wedding guests write a special quote or wish on their ducky before releasing it and then you could collect them all at the end of the ceremony to cherish for many years to come.

An outdoor setting allows for a reduced cost for the reception too! Instead of having a gourmet meal catered, you could barbecue or have a potluck meal. Don’t be afraid to ask friends or family members to bring a dish with them to your reception to cut the total cost of food. You could provide the spirits and the soft drinks and the rest of the food could easily be brought by others who are on your guest list. This is a great way to get your loved ones together, talk about the food and have some fun along the way.

Home Weddings

While it’s not always your first choice, your friends and family members could really have some fun and be comfortable in your home.

wedding cat in tux

Even your cat will be excited about your home wedding!

Try a traditional church wedding where everyone you know can get together and see the ceremony and then instead of going to a major venue for the reception, have a small and quaint party at your home or at the home of a family member. You would be surprised at how much your family and friends would like to help out and if you tell them that you would like to have a small party at home, they will likely go all out in helping with decor, spirits, food and fun.

Home wedding receptions provide an affordable and comfortable place to have a get together with friends and family during your big day. You can even save money on the total cost of dishware and other items by having your guests meet up at your home.

If your home isn’t large enough for the big event, consider asking a loved one if you could use their space for your special day – many family members would happily oblige.

Saving on Wedding Favors

Some of the best party favors are those which you and the groom put together and put thought into yourselves. Your guests will cherish any party favor that you provide to help them commemorate your big day but they will really appreciate something that comes from your heart.

There are many ways that you can craft your own party favors to save a lot of money on your big day. Consider shells, natural items, craft store finds and using online retailers to purchase items that can be used to create party favors for you big day. You may find that you can create the perfect wedding favors for a fraction of the cost that you would expect to spend on buying the favors already created and your craftiness could go a long way in providing something to cherish for years to come.

Saving on Wedding Gifts

Also, if you’re looking for ways to save as a wedding GUEST, there are lots of inexpensive wedding gift ideas.  One of my favorite is creating a wedding scrapbook for the bride and groom.  They’ll love it!

wedding budget

Plan your wedding budget carefully – then stick to it!

Tips to Save BIG on Your Wedding

The best way to save a lot of money on your wedding is to be VERY careful planning out your wedding budget – and then sticking to it.

This one woman saved over $12k – yes, twelve THOUSAND dollars – on her wedding by using these wedding budget tips.

Now that’s amazing and proves that you can have an amazing wedding without breaking the bank.

Good luck – and congrats on your big day!




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