Unique Wedding Ideas on a Budget

ideas for an amazing wedding on a shoestring budget

Unique Wedding Ideas on a Budget - ideas for an amazing wedding on a shoestring budget

Food Ideas for Weddings on a Budget

So, you’re planning your wedding and you simply don’t have a ton of money to spend.

That’s all good – TONS of couples are in the same position!

save on wedding foodBut now it’s time to plan for the food you’ll serve at your wedding reception and well, you’re a bit freaked out by the costs of catering.

Oh, honey, I HEAR ya loud and clear – its EXPENSIVE!

Let’s talk about some ways to save on your food for your wedding and still wow your guests… and yourself  ;)

Above all, remember that it’s not the FOOD that makes the wedding great – it’s the couple getting married.

On a Tight Budget? 5 Tips To Save On Your Wedding Food

1.  First off, keep in mind the TIME of your wedding.  If your reception falls around a normal meal time, folks will be hungry AND expect to have a sit down MEAL.

A wedding reception around 3 pm is between meals so you can get away with a buffet full of finger foods and everyone will be happy.

2.  Cooking the food yourself?  Getting help from family and friends?  That’s great!

Look to your local shopping clubs like Sams and CostCo – they sell in bulk and you can save a ton.  Also, don’t shy away from pasta-based dishes, they are cheap to make and most everyone loves pasta!

3.  New local restaurant in town?  Hit them up for a deal!

Many new restaurants are dying to get their foot in the door for the catering side of their business.  Tell them you’ll help spread the word, let them share business info, etc if they cut you a sweet deal on your wedding food.

4.  Sliced Spiral Ham – It’s not just for Easter!

Know all those family get togethers with the spiral ham and casseroles?  Yep, everyone loves those meals…and so will your wedding guests!

5.  BBQ it!

Everyone loves a spread on BBQ and the tasty side dishes that go with it.  Best part is that this is usually pretty cheap for a caterer to do FOR you.  It is YOUR day after all, so don’t go TOO cheap on the food part and consider finding someway to get someone to handle all that FOR you (and no, NOT your mom – it’s her day too…let her enjoy the years of raising you without cooking for you on THIS day).


Need to know how to break down your wedding budget into a very workable TIGHT budget?  Read this post.

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