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ideas for an amazing wedding on a shoestring budget

Unique Wedding Ideas on a Budget - ideas for an amazing wedding on a shoestring budget

RSVP Wording

rsvp wordingAlrighty!  You’re getting ready for your wedding and are getting your wedding invitations in order… that’s great!  But now…. what is the correct RSVP wording to put on the reply card inside your invitations?

Thankfully, there isn’t some standard “right” wording to be used for RSVPs so that frees you up to be a little creative and maybe come up with some unique ideas of your own.

Here is some simple standard RSVP wording:

The favor of a reply is requested by June 15, 2013.


___Accepts with pleasure

___Declines with regrets

That’s about it.

Or here’s another wording example that is even more simple and straight-forward:

Please Reply By June 30, 2013.

Name __________________________________
Number Attending ________

These days I would strongly recommend adding your phone number and your email address.  Let’s face it, most folks don’t return those RSVP cards, but if they can easily send you an email or make a quick call, you’re more likely to get an accurate head count for your wedding day.

Don’t overlook Facebook either!  You can create an “event” from your Facebook account and invite people that way as well.  People simply click to say they’re coming or not.  Easy peasy!

Unless you’re having a very formal wedding, RSVP cards simply aren’t needed – and frankly, many folks can’t stand them.

In this day and age, doing as much as you can online is both easier AND can save you a bunch of time and headaches.

Check out this recent post we did about online wedding invitations.




photo by: balleyne

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